Front End Development

Front-end development, also known as ‘client-side’ programming, is the process of converting data to the graphical interface for a user to view and interact with data through digital interaction using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front End Development focuses on what users see, how they interact with a product on whichever machine they have and how they can utilize the functionality of a product.

front end development

Front-end developers handle the user interface, forming an essential bridge between the designer as well as the back-end programmer. In a nutshell, they’re behind what you see up-front when navigating digital products.


The first HTML was made public in late 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee which only supported text at the time as a result consisted of just 18 tags. Later Hakon Wium Lie proposed CSS in October 1994. The first specification to support CSS is HTML 4.0. Internet Explorer 3 was the first browser to support CSS.

Front End Development

In 1995, a new browser scripting language was created by Brendan Eich in just 10 days which was called Mocha and later it was renamed to LiveScript.

Front End Development Training in Kathmandu

Front-end development training offers basic techniques and approaches required for effective equally important user-friendly web page development. Front-end development training helps web designers to create user-friendly websites moreover adopting modern web design concepts. There are many institutes in Kathmandu which provides career-oriented front-end development training.

Front End Development

Benefits of Front-end development Training are:

  • Can work from anywhere.
  • Flexibility
  • Web developers are in demand.
  • You’ll never stop learning.

Pre-requisites for Front End Development training

Students attending Front-end Development training should have basic knowledge of Photoshop as well as Dreamweaver along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Front End Development Training Package in Kathmandu

  • Introduction to Front-end Development.
  • Learning the front-end concepts.
  • Introduction to HTML, CSS along with JQuery training.
  • Developing Mock-ups using Adobe Photoshop.