Basic Graphic Design is a foundation course that develops a student’s ability to analyze design using basic principles and theory applicable to all forms of art.

Graphic Designing

COURSE DESCRIPTION Basic Graphic Design is a foundation course that develops a student’s ability to analyze design using basic principles and theory applicable to all forms of art. The course is based on the application of the fundamental elements of art. The student is introduce to tools and techniques used in today’s communication industry. This course lays the foundation for more advanced design courses. CERTIFICATION LEARNING OUTCOMES
  • Demonstrate adherence to professional graphic design industry standards
  • Have fundamental technical skills, knowledge, and abilities in graphic design
  • Acquire and demonstrate competency in technical skills applicable to graphic design.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use design thinking strategies in an iterative design process.
  • Understand the relationship of graphic design to other disciplines and to society.
The Graphic Design Program’s curriculum gives students the diverse skills needed for employment and growth success in the Graphic Design field. The Graphic Design program incorporates professional business practices, career options, ethics and a liberal arts foundation.
  • What Is Photoshop?
  1. Exploring the Menu Bar
  2. Introducing the Toolbox
  3. Understanding the Options Bar
  4. Using Palettes
  5. Customizing Photoshop
  6. Opening and Navigating Images
  7. Using Adobe Bridge
  8. Getting Help
  9. Using the History Palette
  • Understanding Color Modes
  1. Merging and Flattening Layers
  2. Understanding Color Adjustment
  3. About Pixel Aspect Ratio
  4. Replacing Color
  5. Creating Paths
  6. Modifying Paths
  7. Introduction to the Painting Tools
  8. Using the Painting Tools
  • Overview Of The Selection Tools
  1. Using the Marquee Tools
  2. Exploring the Lasso Tools
  3. Creating Selections Using the Magic Wand
  4. Using Color Range to Create Selections
  5. Creating Selections Using Extractions
  6. Transforming a Selection
  7. Copying Pasting and Moving a Selection
  • Working With Types
  1. Using the Painting Tools
  2. Exploring Type Effects
  3. Understanding Filters
  4. Previewing Filters
  5. Working with Filters
  6. Retouching Images
  • Understanding Layers
  1. Working with Layers
  2. Applying Layer Styles
  3. Fill and Adjustment Layers
  4. Exploring Layer Comps
  5. What are Masks?
  6. Using Layer Masks
  7. Merging and Flattening Layers
  • Preparing To Publish
  1. Printing Basics
  2. Optimizing Images for the Web
  3. Using Save For Web and Devices
  4. Creating Image Slices
  1. Introduction to Illustrator
  2. Selection tools Pen Tool
  3. Introduction to layers and grouping
  4. Introduction to stroke
  5. Introduction to type
  6. Introduction to Object shape
  7. Transformation fundamental
  8. Aligning and Distributing
  9. Line tools
  10. Clipping masks and paths
  11. Color
  12. Pencil tools
  13. Brush tool
  14. Gradients
  15. Transparency and Masking
  16. Enveloping and Meshes
  17. Rulers and creating Guides
  18. Knife and scissors
  19. Pathfinder
  20. Liquefy
  21. Introduction to appearance and styles
  22. Introduction to Filters
  23. Blend tool
  24. Charts and Graph
  25. Screen Graphics and RGB
  26. Web slicing
  27. Mapping images
  28. Symbols
  29. Photoshop integration
  30. Palette
  31. Tracing

  1. Work Area
  2. Documents
  3. Frames
  4. Editing Text
  5. Typography
  6. Colors
  7. Linking graphics
  8. Tables
  9. Vector graphics
  10. Transparency
  11. Interactive document
  12. Book