SEO also is known as Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking your websites in organic search results among different search engines. This then results in increased traffic to your website through organic search engine results. So with SEO, you want to rank on the top of the search engine results for a particular keyword or query and drive the organic traffic to your web page.

It is the process of optimizing your websites to rank higher on search engine result pages to get organic traffic. This is the number one process of obtaining organic (free) traffic to your website or blog. When you apply SEO strategy on your website, your website will start ranking higher in search engine result on applied keywords. People will start finding your site on search engine results pages (SERP’s) first page and visit it more often. More traffic means more lead and more lead means more customer or clients. The main objective of SEO is to improve your website visibility and getting good ranks in various search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


However, the term SEO is pretty vague. If you think the other way, most of the digital marketing types come under the SEO. In general, SEO encompasses all the elements and factors that are required to go for the digital platform.

Why do you need SEO?

Search Engines are the primary sources from which websites get a big chunk of visitors. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo send large volumes of free traffic to your web pages if you are ranking on the top for certain keywords that a big volume of users is searching for.

And if you are not in the top results then you are missing a huge opportunity in the form of your potential customers. That’s why people invest thousands and thousands of their money in SEO.

SEO in Nepal

Web design and developing were growing rapidly but Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization must have been overshadowed. Simply, because of people under-looked SEO services in Nepal back then.

At the present stage, the emerging list of SEO Companies in Nepal says that there is definitely some potential hot market for SEO experts in Nepal. Not only that, there are various different Nepali Internet Marketing groups in Facebook where people share their ideas and methods about making money.

Not only that, there are some local SEO companies as well that offers SEO services in Nepal.

Combining all these facts, it can be said that the future of SEO is bright in Nepal.

Some basic ideas for a properly optimized page of a site:

Keyword research: It’s very important to do the right keyword research. People normally neglect this step and then they lose big money because if you are not targeting the right audience, you won’t make money.

Always choose the right keywords. Spend some time analyzing your keywords. Check with the monthly search volume and the competition.

Go for the long tail and easy keywords first. It’s much easier to rank your site this way. Once you make it to the top, you can focus on the competitive keywords. The wise idea is to rank for low keywords than not to rank for any of the competitive keywords.

SEO is one of the important parts of your marketing plan. Targeting the right keywords will bring free organic traffic to your website and can bring your money.